The Beauty That’s Prague


The town of Prague is much like a flourishing rose. It is lovely, fragile petals filled with life unfurl gently in the tightly coiled marijuana that kept them tight for such a long time. They are actually stretching toward the sun’s rays of every new day time. The period is ripe for any visit for this city.

After Globe War We, what have been known since the Austro-Hungarian Empire grew to become Czechoslovakia, along with Prague because its funds. In 1939, Czechoslovakia had been occupied through Nazi Germany and far of the actual Jewish populace fled or even was wiped out. The town contains an essential museum and many structures out of this time. It was a terrible amount of time in history for that citizens of the land, in addition to many other people.

Under Communist manage, all structures were colored gray. It was seen being an attempt in order to dampen the actual moods associated with citizens as well as tamp them into submission. Within 1989, with nov the Berlin Wall and also the country’s Purple velvet Revolution, Czechoslovakia started to free by itself of Communist rule and started significant modifications that use it a path to it’s current change. In 1993, the nation split in to two regulating bodies: the actual Czech Republic, which Prague may be the capital, as well as Slovakia, which Bratislava may be the capital.

You will find two historic elements of the Czech Republic: Bohemia as well as Moravia. For hundreds of years, the whole country was referred to as Bohemia within the English vocabulary. It makes up about approximately two-thirds from the land within the Czech Republic. Moravia obtained its name in the Morava River within the region’s northwest area. Moravia makes up about about one-third from the eastern land from the Czech Republic.

Naturally, the Czech people started to express their own feelings much more freely. Among the first changes the folks of Prague created after nov Communist manage was to alter the lusterless paint plan thrust on them. The actual buildings had been repainted within bright colours of red, green, azure, and yellow-colored – not the dismal gray they’d known for many years.

Highlights for people to Prague today range from the Prague Fortress, the Vltava Water, the Aged Town Sq ., the Aged Town Corridor Tower as well as Astronomical Time clock, the Charles Link, the Judaism Quarter, and also the pendulum. This pendulum changed a sculpture of Stalin in the Communist period.

Prague Fortress: This castle may be the largest complicated of its key in Europe with regard to medieval castles. The castle is visible from almost any high stage in Prague and is among the city’s most widely known tourist points of interest. The middle includes the actual Saint Vitus Cathedral, Street. George’s Basilica, Lobkowicz Structure, and several viewing systems, art art galleries, and museums.

The actual Vltava Water: The water runs with regard to 430 kilometres, eventually becoming a member of the Elbe. Numerous river cruises can be found to defend myself against the Vltava Water, and any one of these is a significant treat. Float across the river and consume the stunning scenery that’s Prague through either side from the boat.

The actual Old City Square: Referred to as the main marketplace all through Prague’s background, this sq ., dating to the twelfth Century, has the historic atmosphere that you could almost inhale as a person stand, looking around at the magnificent buildings that encompass it. Should you stand there together with your eyes shut, you may almost have the history moving through a person. Open your own eyes and also you see all of the treasures when it comes to shops as well as restaurants that are offered today.

The Aged Town Corridor Tower and also the Astronomical Time clock: This distinctive clock goes back to the actual 15th Hundred years. Every hr, on the actual hour, this marvel provides a visual wonder since the Twelve Apostles rotate with the two little windows towards the top of the statue. Christ marches out prior to the disciples along with a skeleton symbolizing death bands the bell toward a statue of the insolent Turk determine.

The Charles Link: This pedestrian link links both sides associated with Prague comprising the Vltava Water. Musicians perform; artists drawing; and artists sell their own handicrafts about the bridge towards the throngs associated with passersby that traverse the actual bridge every day. It had been commissioned within 1357 through King Charles INTRAVENOUS. The figurines total 75 across the Charles Link, but many of them are duplicates as floods along with other disasters possess destroyed the actual originals with time.

The Judaism Quarter: This section and it is buildings serve like a symbol as well as reminder from the turbulent occasions that Judaism people faced residing in Prague with the centuries. 6 synagogues stay there these days. An entrance ticket towards the Jewish Art gallery will obtain entry in to most locations except the actual Old-New Synagogue, that a individual ticket purchase is going to be necessary.

The actual Pendulum: This huge pendulum overlooks the town and changed a sculpture of Stalin that was destroyed whenever Communism no more ruled the nation. The concept behind the actual pendulum was to consider the period when Prague experienced under Communist manage, but to not celebrate this.

Wenceslas Sq .: One associated with two primary squares within the city, this area may be the newer 1. The distance between your Old City Square which one is actually approximately the five-minute stroll. International stores, restaurants, as well as nightlife encompass this sq .. A determine of Great King Wenceslas upon his equine, a Czech nationwide hero, is among the center factors.

Finding Stability Between Building a Home Office along with a Home

It’s morning; I roll from bed as well as groggily take the mug of warm tea that’s being handed in my experience by my personal loving child. We sit down together with regard to breakfast once we discuss the plans during the day. I possess client projects to operate on and also the girls ‘re going over the listing of chores they happily perform together prior to the carpool turns up to take these phones their summer time camp courses. Everyone rises in the table, and rinses their own breakfast dishes before launching them to the dishwasher. We listen to the horn honking outside since the girls operate a clean through their own hair for just one last period just to make certain that they look their finest. Their clothing are thoroughly clean, pressed and don’t have the speck associated with dirt in it.

Suddenly shrieking seems wake me personally up through my wonderland. Dragging myself towards the kitchen I begin to see the pile associated with dishes quit over through last nights dinner. The ladies are quarrelling over who accounts for spilling the actual sausage how the dogs as well as cat tend to be excitedly stroking up such as vacuums, afraid that I will yank them from their uncommon taste associated with human meals. My voicemail message and e-mail is full of urgent requests from the client that had something crash overnight and it is now lacking entire demonstration that required three weeks to produce. She should have everything prepared by midday EST. To create things even worse, the tea-maker arrived on because scheduled however I forgot to place the drinking water in prior to I visited bed. So now I’ve a damaged teapot.

The facts of the problem is, sometimes working from home isn’t the actual walk within the park how the advertisements allow it to be out to become. Add towards the mix the actual change within lifestyle, the luxuries which are temporarily upon hold while all of us make the actual transition through Corporate The united states to Self-employed Professional. The strain is sufficient to stress even the actual sturdiest associated with families.

Just how can the WAHM contain it all as well as keep everything going? Well to begin with is buy-in. I’d been working like a part-time advisor from my personal home with regard to 5 many years before my personal last layoff. Tired from the instability that is the continuous in Business America We sat lower with my personal small loved ones and talked for them about exactly what our choices were.

I presented the reality, and the life-style changes we’d be producing. I layed out what the actual goals were and also the opportunities this particular change might make. But ultimately the facts of the problem is which kids tend to be selfish. They are able to rarely observe beyond exactly how things may affect all of them now. As all of us outlined the benefits and drawbacks of my personal starting a house office, the ladies were looking forward to the truth that I will be home more regularly instead associated with commuting. They wouldn’t need to do the after-school plan anymore, worry regarding babysitting or even daycare where they’re taller and over the age of all of those other kids. The problem is our shopping outings, eating away, and starting nights in the theater will be temporarily delayed.

The key to some successful home based business venture is actually family buy-in. In this instance the benefits and drawbacks list that people created had much more pros compared to cons. Indeed, Mom is on the pc almost constantly now. Their task list offers increased and also the day outings are few in number. But we’ve time for the family bicycle rides as well as walks in a nearby condition park, dinner happens in a decent period, and Mother doesn’t pull herself home at the conclusion of an additional 10 hour trip to work as well exhausted to complete anything however grab the nap.

Avoiding the actual Travelers Headache – Aircraft Lag

Every traveler that has flown via multiple period zones have experienced the regrettable experience that include the outings called aircraft lag. Although it takes under a minute to regulate your wristwatch to some completely various time, your body clock takes a lot more time. It’s used to some rhythm associated with life that happens in the 24 hr span, and suddenly, it will get confused. And therefore, after traversing several period zones, your entire body stubbornly really wants to sleep when you wish it to possess lunch, and after that to awaken at unusual hours from the night when you wish it in order to sleep.

There are lots of travelers who put aside their very first day like a total waste materials all because of jet lag. As you cannot prevent jet lag, you are able to minimize their own symptoms when you are well prepared with one of these traveler ideas.

1. Relaxation before journey. You understand that travel is extremely strenuous, even though you are riding inside a commercial airplane and many especially if you are travelling fifty percent way all over the world. If you leave the house still strung over following your bon-voyage party the night time before, you may expect the a lot more than usually unpleasant headache. Schedule your own party earlier should you must. You can set upward a twenty-four hour guideline before your own flight; ensuring you get lots of rest as well as drink lots of water. You will find the benefits worthwhile once a person land at the destination. You’ll be mentally comfortable when you bored the actual plane, and you will be very well-rested throughout the flight.

two. Drink a lot, Eat gentle. Travel is actually dehydrating. While aboard, try to request as a lot fluids as you possibly can. Take be aware, fluids don’t involve alcoholic beverages. While you believe it can help you relaxation, alcohol is only going to stress the body, dehydrate this more, as well as worsen aircraft lag.

3. Flex and do not cross your own legs. It’s very difficult to acquire a position which will keep a person comfortable all night, so traversing your legs is quite tempting. Nevertheless, try bending your ankles rather than crossing thighs. You is going to be less vulnerable to blood clots in your legs. If you think uneasy, try travelling or keep the attention busy having a movie and some hours associated with sleep.

four. Mind more than body. Regardless of how inevitable jet lag is actually, remember that the mind continues to be as powerful since it was whenever you were home. Don’t simply reset your own watch; reset the mind to your own destination’s time too.

5. Start adjusting for your destinations period zone when you’re in the environment. If you are body feels a little sleepy, do not doze away until it is your typical bedtime at the destination. Rather, keep your self busy as well as sleep only if it’s truly time with regard to bed. This eliminates further confusion in your body’s component.

Traveling with All your family members

Traveling is a good past period, and an excellent way to invest time using the ones you like when a person explore a brand new place collectively. There are a lot of things you need to bear in mind when it involves planning and a weight vacation to ensure everything is actually covered, and that you’re safe against something that might occur. There will also be a few of the hottest journey destinations around the globe that tend to be recommended based on which kind of vacation you want to take. Exploring the planet can end up being frightening, intriguing, and satisfying if done the proper way.

Travel Ideas

Always remember that you may require extra time for you to board the plane, coach, or train if you are not driving for your destination. Leave sooner than you would ordinarily have to to prevent delays.

Remember that when a person arrive from anywhere that you aren’t used too that you are vulnerable with regard to anything to occur especially if you are carrying money. You wish to keep your money, cards, and every other valuables you and inside a pocket all the time.

Four and 5 star hotels are often the most secure hotels in which to stay. Try to consider hotels along with maximum security and also the best safety against your own stuff. You also desire to be comfortable while on holiday, look in to hotels which fit your requirements.

Take much less clothing. That you can do your washing while in your trip if you want too. This particular minimizes the actual bags, add-ons, and extras you need to bring along with you on the actual trip.

Attempt to look confident when you are out strolling the roads. This may attract less focus on you since you can find the wrong kind of attention. Never remove large levels of cash out of your pockets; this certainly attracts the incorrect type associated with attention.

Journey Ideas

Disney Globe: Disney Globe is the main vacationing location. This happens because it may be great with regard to adults as well as children as well. It is actually relatively inexpensive, and enables you to mix as well as match your own vacation how you need it.

Atlantis: Atlantis can also be a loved ones travel location, but it doesn’t always need to be since it may be fun with regard to adults too. Atlantis is really a beautiful region with much greater than a water park to look at.

Any Luxury cruise: Taking the cruise of any sort, whether or even not you’ve children with you may be rewarding and there’s so much to complete on the actual cruise collection. Not just that, but you’re able to see several different places along the way of the actual cruise. It can also be affordable when you want to travel as well as maximize your own vacation.

2 Enjoyable Jobs That you can do To Earn money Offline

Using the economy inside a slump nowadays, it’s hard to financially pay the bills. For the majority of us, we cannot survive on only one income. Having a mortgage to pay for, bills, diapers as well as day treatment, I have no idea how a few families makes it each 30 days. With everything said, Let me share along with you 2 enjoyable jobs that you can do to earn money offline.

1) Publish your personal best promoting cookbooks at home

Although you will find thousands associated with cookbooks found on the market, a couple of manage to get at the the surface of the best vendor list utilizing unique quality recipes and attention catching photographs from the dishes. This on it’s own will induce readers to purchase them.

Whatever you do is actually collect the actual recipes through different resources (blocking copyrights), out of your family or even friends, make appropriate changes where ever required as well as arrange the actual recipes inside a category of the choice such as vegetarian, non-vegetarian, diet plan, only sweets, ethnic, physical area sensible etc.

On the other hand, you might arrange all of them, based upon specific categories of people such as diabetes, people who need essential oil free meals, who tend to be allergic to milk products or people who require gluten free of charge recipes and so on. Another idea would be to convert your own recipes to create a couple of servings, that’ll be useful with regard to single individuals or those who are on a weight loss program.

You might add remarks or comments about all of your quality recipes. Make a remarkable personalized include, add vibrant pictures as well as drawings through clip artwork and examine book stores and advertising to obtain an concept of the market position regarding publishing your personal best promoting cookbooks.

2) Begin a Camping Listing for Households and Their own Dogs

Surprisingly, there tend to be outdoor hiking sites that do not let families to create their canine along and it is a instead tedious work scouring the web to investigation on every single camp which will allow canines to camp too. In order to create it possible for families to obtain a list associated with camps which accept canines, you could begin a camping listing for households and their own dogs. You can generate a small income quietly by charging a set rate for that printed eBook that individuals can download on the web.

You will need to do your quest online or even visit visitor information centers to obtain a detailed listing of camps. You might have to help to make several telephone calls or create letters in order to these camps to be able to locate these types of camps. This can be a continuous procedure as you will have to frequently revise your listing.

A camping directory should have all information that the tourist will probably look with regard to like directions towards the camp, camping size, outdoor recreation for households and their own dogs, camping charges, camping rules & manners, medical amenities including vets with regard to animals, and so on.

Publicize as well as market your own eBook upon camping sites in addition to sites with regard to pets as well as drive your audience to your own camping listing for households and their own dogs.

These two jobs at home can end up being fun as well as exciting to complete. Start allowing your innovative mind moving with brand new captive suggestions that nobody else does for earnings from house. Both of those fun jobs that you simply do at home can end up being created within e-book type and offered online.

Equipment You must have in Your own Camper Truck

Packing up for any camping trip ought to be well considered and prepared. It is extremely difficult should you forgot something which you actually need for the actual trip. This can impact the whole camping experience that you’ll have. It is much better if it’s possible to think of a list associated with to-bring items to ensure that no 1 will actually forget some thing. It can also be important to consider everything how the camper trailer must have when vacationing. There are simply some stuff that are extremely important and shouldn’t be left away when hiking. These things could keep everyone secure, secured, handy and comfy. Here are a few of the things that you ought to always have inside your camper trailer throughout a camping journey.

Food – obviously, everyone must eat. Camping is really enjoyable but if you don’t have any kind of food to consume, then you won’t enjoy it whatsoever. Make sure you have at minimum enough food when you are out hiking. Keep in your mind that there won’t be too numerous stores that you’ll see when you’re able to the hiking site. You must have enough food to consume for your whole stay within the camping website.

First help kit – this is important as well as campers should not forget this once they go away camping. This kit may have bandages, medications, thermometers and much more. These could keep everyone secure and from any conditions that may affect their own health. There are lots of outdoor elements which may be harmful with regard to humans and also the first help kit is their finest defense towards these components. There tend to be kits which may be purchased designed especially for camping or even outdoor actions.

Sleeping totes – it is usually better to create along resting bags which are made for that cold climate. This will keep one comfortable and comfy while going for a nap or even resting within the camper truck. You can’t ever really inform what weather you’re going to get in the actual camping website. Just to be certain that you won’t be freezing within the site, it is best if you buy a cold temperature sleeping tote.

Extra energy – this is important inside a camping journey. Most camping sites can be found in the actual woods exactly where refueling channels are too much to journey. It is essential that you have an additional fuel along with you to make certain that you won’t be stranded within the place. You truly cannot tell in case your fuel can bring a person home or even not especially if it’s you very first time to visit a specific place. This may assure you that you’ll have fuel to make use of when you’re about to visit home in the camping journey.

When going to stores that provide camper trailers such as the Brisbane recreational camper trailers shops, you could also look with regard to these equipments that you’ll need with regard to camping. These will certainly provide you with the best hiking experience actually.

Fat Loss Focus – Motivation is Even so the Important Crucial to Effective Weight loss

One within the factors why many people find this complicated in order to sustain a weight loss program is actually poor inspiration to accomplish what’s needed to eliminate pounds. For many, membership in the health membership would aid, particularly when they enroll in the fat reduction weight software program that a few gyms possess, which might include diet plan advise as well as monitoring too being the personalized workout application. A personalized application will routinely have set menus plans for the week, with the quantity of calories recognized per dinner. You can also be assigned your personal health membership trainer who’ll guide you with the physical workouts and keep track of your development.

Nevertheless, this kind of a personalized and supervised application may well not end up being that affordable for others, in particular people with restricted earnings. This type of individualized weight loss diet strategy application isn’t low price, and naturally is only going to work, depending nonetheless about the actual inspiration level in the personal. Whether or not or not you utilize a customized trainer or subscribe to a individualized arrange for fat loss diet plan or just continue a weight reduction software inside your personal, it usually boils down for the degree associated with motivation, and just how much you’re prepared to go the actual added mile to eliminate that additional pound.

If you are over the restricted price range, you could verify weight loss diet strategy programs on the internet. Some websites have monitoring techniques where you’ll be able to personally examine your development by feeding right into a form data for example your starting pounds, your own wanted pounds, your meals for that evening, as well as the bodily measures you did towards the evening. This kind of a program enables you to plot your calorie intake versus your own power expenditures towards the evening.

What other people discover useful would be to produce some kind of the buddy system, exactly where a person wanting to eliminate fat might have a fitness center friend or an additional particular individual who will perform the checking of his / her progress. This guy or women can be a buddy, a partner or somebody who’s additionally wanting to eliminate excess pounds. This method, a solitary man or even women may motivate an additional individual and also to maintain the weight reduction software upon monitor.

Whichever way you choose to start your weight loss eating strategy application, focus inside your perfect pounds and what you would appear like whenever you achieve that excess fat. The adjustments within your entire body that you just anticipate should be adequate in order to rev up oneself esteem, which alone is currently an excellent inspiration to keep with the program.

Have time in your life With Intimate Weekend Escapes

Your honeymoon is really a once inside a lifetime event along with a Honeymoon within India can make your celebration an eternity and unforgettable experience. You are able to explore and find out the stunning landscapes, the actual clear azure waters, the higher mountains and also the rich as well as vibrant custom and lifestyle. You should carefully select your Vacation Package simply because what both of you experience on your entire journey gets imprinted within the pages of the married existence. You should make sure that the journey destinations provide you with the personal and intimate atmosphere that you are searching for. You have choice to visit the actual hot sunlight beaches or even the chilly hill channels, the conventional villages or even the hectic cities.

The actual land associated with Kerala, referred to as “God’s Personal Country” may be the perfect intimate destination for that newlyweds. If you don’t have sufficient time for you to spend because of the workload, you will surely consider Romantic Weekend break Getaways. The perfect time to go to this location is throughout the months in between October as well as March. The location is apt for all your nature enthusiasts. The Vacation Package for this place goes to the actual backwaters, the huge lakes and also the cool slope stations which are worth an event.

There tend to be many places to explore on your Honeymoon within India. Within India, the actual famous on the internet tour owner, offers inexpensive deals for all your couples, with numerous airlines providing cheap as well as affordable airfares as well as accommodation in great hotels. Furthermore, they cover all of the important visitor spots from the place. The Vacation Package also goes to the actual hill channels of Ooty as well as Kodaikanal. You’ll be provided having a 6 night remain in good resorts on double sharing foundation. You is going to be served along with regular breakfasts whilst at Ooty and may also be facilitated having a non AIR CONDITIONING Indica in order to facilitate simple travel.

The biggest benefit of Romantic Weekend break Getaways is that you could tour on the budget and may compensate for all your fun that you simply missed out together with your family through the week. These deals are perfect if some special day like a person wife/husband’s birthday celebration, your relationship anniversary or another romantic occasion is around the corner. The Vacation Package features a welcome along with flower decorations along with a delicious dessert on appearance. So, you can decide to enjoy the actual adventures within Shimla or even the backwaters associated with Kerala or even the intimate walks in a among the hill channels.

Spring Split Bahamas May be the Perfect Vacation Package With regard to Relaxation

Seem like getting right into a holiday feeling and thinking within the destination which too within spring period! Well, beautiful seaside islands associated with Bahamas would be the perfect as well as ideal location for sleeping in item. That amazing scenery as well as cool beaches offer the relaxation you have always desired. In truth, spring is recognized as among the best times to savor a split in Bahamas, the actual hub associated with beaches. It’s this cause that springtime break Bahamas is really a hit the type of people who like to freak away at seaside areas. Everyone wants to spend time with members of the family or buddies, after working via a long as well as tiring routine.

Spring split Bahamas offers lots to provide to site visitors, as for each their choices. If the visitor is prepared to enjoy a holiday that is filled with water sports activities, then you can travel to Paradise Isle, Grand Bahamas and many more. Be this fishing or every other form associated with adventure sports can be involved, spring split Bahamas offers everything for all your visitors. Bahamas may be preferred by nearly every visitor, since it gives the actual mesmerizing sights, tasty food and several activities in order to relax on their own. Every additional beach within Bahamas originates something or another option with regard to perfect pleasure experience.

Bahamas is really a perfect location bliss that may be checked away. You may decide within the island you need to visit and visit a travel broker for looking at the packages that she or he may possess. Spring split Bahamas package will certainly offer you what you would like in your own holiday. The journey agent might have a number of tour packages to match your budget as well as needs. You may consult your own travel agent and you’ll surely end up being assisted using the package to match your budget. And if you get an inexpensive spring split Bahamas holiday, then you’re among the luckiest chaps.

Nothing nowadays can become more relaxing than likely to a place that provides everything according to your wants. After just about all, you and many more deserve a rest from your own tight operating schedule that you simply undergo daily. One from the main points in springtime break Bahamas package will be your staying choice. Bahamas has a number of hotels as well as resorts that provide a ideal staying encounter. You can pick the resort associated with guest house based on your spending budget, so that you could enjoy a person holiday inside the allocated spending budget. In truth, Bahamas is definitely an ideal location for couples who are able to even arrive here for his or her honeymoon.

If this becomes difficult that you should find the tour owner near your home who provides spring split Bahamas deals, then searching them upon internet. Internet is the greatest option to look at a quantity of travel brokers. It is actually, in truth, appropriate for all those people who don’t get enough time to visit a visit operator as well as discuss their package with her or him. It isn’t like this that you simply cannot afford to go to Bahamas. You may take up only three or four days visit package rather than 10 times one. The option is completely yours when you are going presently there for using a satisfaction.

The Benefits of Light Hiking

Backpacking requires that you simply bring just about all essential products before a weight trip. You don’t want to become endangered on your trip, would you? If you need to avoid mishaps and problems whenever possible during your own trip, you need to pack a myriad of things such as maps as well as compass, tents, resting bags, drinking water, matches and perhaps some processed goods for the adventure. You need to bring an initial aid package too.

These types of gears tend to be numerous, I understand. Carrying a lot that is overweight might pose an issue for a person when a weight trip. Carrying the hefty load can make your hiking adventure much less fun and much more cumbersome. So how can you counter this issue when you realize that you’ll require all the items you tend to be carrying? You cannot perfectly leave a few of the things at the rear of, can a person?

The trick to consider when packing for any backpacking trip would be to bring items which are lightweight but nevertheless offer the same protection on your camping journey. There are actually hundreds associated with Ultralight gears available for sale today as well as these gears really are a big assistance to you. Your backpack mustn’t weigh a lot more than two lbs. Purchase one that isn’t only light-weight, but is actually durable to keep all your own gears. A gentle sleeping bag is a good idea with regard to lightweight hiking, too. It shouldn’t be more compared to three lbs and shouldn’t be too cumbersome. Instead associated with packing the tent, why not choose a tarp rather? Tents tend to be bulky and are usually heavy. A tarp can offer the same level of protection as well as shelter when within the wild but you need knowledge upon setting 1 up first so you would not really get moist. Setting upward a tarp requires you know how to complete it and also you practice onto it first before a weight trip.

Backpacking additionally requires that you’re in very good condition when a weight trip. All the actual hiking demanded with a backpacking trip will certainly take it’s toll you if you’re not inside a good bodily state. But the easiest method to cope up having a backpacking journey is using a much required presence associated with mind. Being upon alert as well as knowing how to proceed during your own trip will certainly save a person from lots of risks as well as problems.