How To Travel DOHA, QATAR

Doha Qatar

I’m gonna tell you everything I know about how to travel to Doha Qatar.

We’re gonna talk about the dress code, the best time of the year to visit Doha, and all the things that you should probably keep in mind before visiting. And I’m basically going to give you all my recommendations regarding where to stay in Doha and what to do and see.

A Couple of months back I traveled to Doha and I made a travel vlog it is a 5 p.m. and I finally made it to the hug which is gonna link up here somewhere that a lot of you guys like so that’s why I thought it would be interesting to make this video which will be a little bit more of an actual travel guide more compact information for those of you that don’t want to watch the home love even though you should because it’s a good book it’s a good one but if you

Don’t want to watch it I’m just gonna give you all the necessary things that you absolutely must know or should know and one thing I want to say that in this video I’m going to focus on Doha however this video pretty much applies to all of Qatar since I’m gonna be talking about stuff like dress code weather visas at Qatar is a very small country the population is only about 2.7 million and approximately 80% of Qatar’s population actually lives in Doha or in the suburbs surrounding Doha.

1. Do I need a visa for Qatar?

I’ve done some research, and since 2017 based on the Qataris Ministry of Interior Qatar Tourism Authority, and Qatar Airways they’re 80 nationalities who are allowed visa-free entry to Qatar, so I’m gonna link the article that I found on Qatar Airways where you can find the whole list of all countries that are allowed a visa-free entry to Qatar, so you can see if your country is on the list.

2. The Best time of the year to visit Qatar

The best months to visit Qatar are the colder months, which are basically from November to April. I was in Qatar in February and it was relatively cold for Qatar standard, it was 24 degrees at 24 degrees might sound like not that much, but the thing about Qatar is that it can get really hot.

The Sun is very strong in Qatar, so the greatest advice ever is to make sure to bring your hat with you when you’re coming to Qatar. Because even though it’s winter I often take my hat when I’m outdoor because the sun is just so strong.

In general, there are not that many trees, actually, there’s like almost no trees. There are some palm trees in Doha and obviously, there are some parks, but in general, Qatar is one of the few countries on earth that doesn’t have any forests at all.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that during Ramadan you’re not allowed to eat and drink in public places during the day. You are allowed to do that in hotels and in some designated areas, but that’s just something to keep in mind.

3. Money and cash

Qatar has its own currency it’s called Qatari Riyal, and basically, one Qatari Riyal is equivalent to about 0.27 US dollars. Based on my own experience I can tell you that it was very easy to just withdraw money at the ATM at the airport.

Before I went out of the terminal there are plenty of ATMs, so I think that’s the easiest option to withdraw money.

4. What should I wear in Qatar?

The dress code is important in Qatar, I actually found out that there is no official dress code in Qatar when it comes to tourists. However, tourists are advised to cover up their shoulders, and knees, and this is both for women man.

I actually got this question from many of my friends, who were planning to visit Qatar. They asked me if tourists need to cover their hair in Qatar because in most of my photos I was wearing a cap. And the answer is no, you do not have to cover your hair.

5. Where to stay in DOHA?

That was like one of my biggest issues I would say, or issues in a way because there are so many amazing hotels in Doha and the prices were quite affordable. So I really had a hard time deciding where I want to stay.

I basically decided to divide Doha into 3 areas suitable for different needs.

1. The West Bay

This area is the modern, the financial district of Doha which is where I chose to stay. There are a lot of really amazing hotels in this area.


The second area is AL SOUQ, which is located on the opposite side of the bay. It’s the more traditional, the older historic part of Doha, it’s also closer to the airport. So if you don’t have that much time in Doha, maybe that would be more ideal for you.

3. The West Bay Lagoon

The third area is the West Bay Lagoon, which is located not outside of the city, if you take a taxi, it’s gonna take you maybe around 10 minutes to get to the West Bay, which is the financial district, maybe around 20 minutes to get to the historical district of Doha. So it’s not far but it’s not walking distance.

So, the West Bay Lagoon is a place I would say for those of you who are staying in Doha for a little bit longer and don’t care that much about the distance.

The best thing about staying in this area is that that’s where a lot of resort-type of hotels are located.

So, something I think is really useful to know is that if you’re flying with Qatar Airways, and this is not sponsored, I paid for that trip with my own money, I’m just telling you what I did. Because I think it was a great deal, so basically if you’re flying with Qatar Airways and you choose to do an extended layover in Doha, you get a discount on four and five-star hotels.

I got a huge huge discount on the hotel where I was staying, I stayed at The Mario’s in the West Bay, and it was an amazing hotel, I really loved it. The best thing about it was definitely the pool.

The pool was gigantic and so empty, I think in general one of the best things about Doha is that it’s yet not a very discovered tourist destination, so I do think that a lot of people don’t really know yet that Doha is such a cool City.

okay so we basically made it to the point where you’ll end at how much

6. How to get around DOHA

There is a big chance you will land at the Hamad International Airport which is a very cool Airport by the way and you need to figure out how to get around Doha. Being a tourist it’s probably gonna be taxis or Uber, Uber is great, it works fine, I took Uber a couple of times.

Another option is Karwa taxis which are very easy to spot because they’re all blue, and from my own experience, I think taxis and Uber are at the same price level. Uber is not really cheaper than a taxi.

7. Top places to see in DOHA

What are the top attractions and top places that you simply can not miss in Doha?


The SOUQ WAQIF can be translated to standing market, and it’s basically the oldest market in Doha, and it’s the place where you can get all your spices, traditional garments, and handicraft souvenirs.

  • Dhow Harbor

Dhows are basically traditional wooden Qatari boats, and the harbor is an absolutely beautiful thing to see. So if you make it to the harbor, make sure that you go sort of like to to the very like back of it, where you can see the beautiful view of Skyline.

So, if you’re already in the harbor, you can quickly see the pearl, and basically, back in the days, pearl fishing used to be one of the main occupations and a big thing in Qatar.

  • The Islamic Museum of Art

You definitely can not miss it even if you’re not that into art but trust me this museum is so beautiful. The Islamic Museum of Art is home to the biggest collection of Islamic art in the world, and the building was designed by the same architect who designed the Glass Pyramids in Paris in front of the louver.

  • Corniche Promenade

After you’re done at the Islamic Museum of Art, you should definitely see the Corniche Promenade. It’s a 5-kilometer-long promenade, a coastal promenade that basically connects the old part of the DOHA with the new part, the West Bay.

  • West Bay

The West Bay is the financial and business district and the most modern part of Doha. If you’re into modern architecture and if you’re into skyscrapers and just being amazed by how gigantic they can be that’s a good place to see.

  • The Pearl

The Pearl is a residential district, but it’s also a place known for a lot of cool restaurants and shops, and just a nice place for a walk, some nice beaches, and beautiful views of the skyline.

  • City Center Mall

The city center mall it’s a mall in the West Bay, but I think it’s a general, it’s a pretty cool mall if you’re looking for a mall, and you’ve already done your more traditional shopping at the SOUQ WAQIF, and you’re just looking for more like modern shops and restaurants, supermarket, whatever like for example I freaking love going to supermarkets when I’m traveling. I think it’s fun to see locals do their shopping, I don’t know if I’m the weird one LOL.


If you like this article, subscribe to our newsletter to get new articles about new destinations, and if you have any other questions let me know in the comments, also if you have any other tips for traveling to Qatar and if you know of any other cool places to see in Qatar besides Doha.

Please let me know in the comments I really hope that once we’ll be able to travel again I will be able to visit Qatar again and see some other places in the country.

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